HWWA Consulting specialises in the analysis, sourcing and provision of company employee benefits across the United Kingdom


We are experts in all aspects of negotiating and implementing employee benefits and are auto enrolment specialists.

Clear advice for your business:

As an experienced employee benefits company, we have an unrivalled knowledge of the market.This has been gained through our advisers’ experience of nearly sixteen years in this complex sector, working with clients across the UK.

Specialist Advice and Guidance

Whether you would like to discuss automatic enrolment planning, understand employers new duties in relation to their workforce or source the most suitable work based pension.

HWWA Consulting is ready, willing and more than capable of helping.

Market Review and Benchmarking

We offer whole-of-market research to ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate employee benefits for your needs. We can save you time by doing the comparisons for you, ensuring that you pick providers that are interested in your business and will work hard to retain your business, in the same way that we do.

To remain current and competitive we also recommend a periodic review of this situation.

Benefits Scheme Creation/Adaptation

A thorough assessment of your needs and the expectations of your staff will reveal the foundation of an employee benefits scheme that’s right for your business.

We will then structure an attractive and effective package and negotiate the most appropriate deals to create a bespoke scheme and schedule that’s unique to your organisation.

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