What is Employee Engagement?

It is commonly believed that employee engagement is solely the basic happiness of the organisations employees. However, it is more than this as an organisation can function with content employees, yet the full potential is not met. Engagement should evidentially show the level of commitment the employee has towards the business, giving the employees the motivation to go the extra mile and perform discretionary effort as they should feel as valued as the clients. This encouraged motivation leads to more productivity, less mistakes and ultimately a potential increase in sales.

For example, it is more than having the basic needs within employee benefits such as pension schemes, private medical insurance, life assurance, staff purchase facilities, child care voucher schemes etc. It is ensuring that conversation between the employers and employees is encouraged, employees are given the opportunities to learn new things, are rewarded for the work they do and are listened to respectably that will ensure that the motivation from the employee is sustained.

Employee Engagement Statistics of 2017

  • 51% of workers are looking to leave their current job
  • Only 13% of employees are engaged worldwide80% of workers stated they would work longer hours for a more empathetic employer
  • 60% of workers would like work if they were praised more frequently
  • 59% of workers state there is potential for them to grow and develop at their current job
  • 60% of workers eat alone at their desk
  • 70% of employees would like to spend more time with their manager


  • Highly engaged businesses see a 10% increase in customer ratings
  • Highly engaged businesses see a 20% increase in sales

Source: https://www.officevibe.com/blog/disturbing-employee-engagement-infographic

So, why is Employee Engagement so Important?

To answer this, when employees are engaged, they simply perform better towards fulfilling the values and goals of the business. Thus, the clients are more content, and the business may grow in terms of improving sales. If you feel like part of the team, you will perform like part of the team through a positive attitude and drive to see the business that values you do well.

Your business is rooted by the employee engagement as the employees reflect the business. So, taking the time to balance employee engagement is worthy, as an unengaged and uninspired workforce will show in terms of ROI.

Where Do Employers Do Wrong?

As stated above, employee engagement is very important. Although, this is established between employer and employee at the start of their job, it is often not maintained throughout their time at the business. Therefore, employee engagement should not only be discussed during enrolment and via a personal and comprehensive approach.

HWWA Consulting Can Help

Our aim at HWWA Consulting is to help you create a system and process, to engage your employees and remind them of all the benefits that you provide them with. By creating a process to naturally and strategically engage your employees, you will find they become more involved and more enthusiastic towards the company.

By working alongside HWWA Consulting to successfully communicate and share all the benefits each employee gets, you can be confident your staff are more engaged with your company and your company’s efforts to look after them.

Don’t let good team members leave for competitors – focus on engaging your team through HWWA Consulting’s bespoke employee information workshops.

We can increase employee engagement over the phone, through video conferencing, by Skype or through engaging face to face workshops at your work address. Contact us today to get started.