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Why you should get expert advice on Group Life Assurance

Group Life Assurance ticks all the boxes for an ideal employee benefit, but many employers find it too complicated according to a leading industry body. Confusion over the best way to administer the benefit means many companies either don’t make the most of it or are...

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Key Person Insurance

Ask people to describe how important somebody running a business is and you’ll often hear their expertise and experience called “priceless.” That’s lovely to hear, but of little practical use when it comes to assessing the genuine financial risk that losing that...

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Shareholder Protection

When a business partner dies, most people naturally concentrate on the personal loss of a trusted friend and colleague. Amid the grieving, it’s easy to overlook a significant question: what happens to their share of the business? Sometimes things will work out fine...

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Minimum Pension Contribution Increases

Minimum Pension Contribution Increases From 1st October 2017 (the Duties Start Date), all new businesses must have a workplace pension scheme in place straight away, and all employers must automatically enrol particular staff into the scheme. Within the next few...

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