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Many companies employ reward managers directly and sometimes those managers will need support. If you want to outsource the management of pensions and benefits, or just bolster your existing internal benefits teams, our independent consultants are here to help. We’ll provide unbiased advice across the whole of the market, helping make sure your rewards programme is up to date. We’ll also provide a full range of support services to your employees, so you get the most from your investment. With years of market experience, we know what it takes to achieve true value for money, and will work closely with you and your employees to develop a modern, relevant, and attractive benefits package.  

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Be a better employer with independent support from our team of specialist benefits consultants.

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The Full Employee Benefits Management Cycle.

We hit the ground running, assessing the needs of your organisation and working to define a package of benefits that will deliver value. From there we source benefits from the whole of the market to ensure an efficient and relevant benefits spend. 

Setting everything up can take time, but we’re here to take the strain. The forms, the processes, the links to payroll – there can be all manner of tasks to get you up and running. We’ve been there and done it so can share our experience with you to make your path smoother. 

Communicating with your workforce about your employee benefits package can also be tricky and time consuming. That’s why we’re here. Our friendly consultants offer employee engagement support for businesses of all sizes, comprising company-wide presentations, one to one support sessions, and webinars to make sure your people harness the benefits you offer. 

Once you’re up and running, you then have two questions to answer; firstly, what happens when something changes, and secondly, how do you know if your benefit continues to be effective over time? By receiving ongoing support from us, we can help you navigate change; whether that is a claim on a benefit because something has happened to an employee, a legislation or product change as well as anything else that may come up. Additionally, we can provide ongoing analysis to confirm the utilisation of a benefit, the appropriateness of renewing with a specific provider and whatever governance is necessary to ensure effective and efficient benefit outlay.   

Our process.

We know that selecting, managing and evolving your employee benefits can be complicated. Our specialist consultants can help you to make robust decisions when selecting benefits, ensure those benefits run smoothly and are understood and appreciated by your workforce. HWWA Consulting enables businesses and employees to prosper.

  • Salary sacrifice.
  • Childcare vouchers.
  • Cycle to work schemes.
  • Group Income Protection.
  • Discounts and vouchers.
  • Wellness programmes.
  • Financial education.
  • Support for writing wills.
  • Flexible benefits (where employees choose the right benefits for them).

Why Do I Need a Helping Hand to Manage My Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits management can prove invaluable for organisations of all sizes. Working with an employee benefits manager can free up internal teams and make the management of your provision much more streamlined and straight-forward. Doing so can also be more cost effective than hiring new staff for the role. Equally, if you do already have the staff, having expert help available when required can also be invaluable.

At HWWA Consulting, our experience acting with and on behalf of other organisations means we can help you enhance and simplify every aspect of your benefits provision. Independent advice, up to date knowledge, and best practice assured.

Employee Benefits Management for Start-Ups.

If you’re taking your first steps in the business world, benefits management can be one headache too far. At HWWA Consulting, our specialist advisors have helped start-ups across the UK kickstart their employer brand.

Benefits Management for Businesses Moving to the UK.

Moving to the UK? We understand how confusing employee benefits can be for the uninitiated. With access to the whole of the market, industry connections, and a friendly approach, we’ll set you up for success on foreign soil.


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