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HWWA Consulting – An Extension of Your Business.

HWWA Consulting was founded in 2011 with an ambition to help employers provide truly effective employee benefits. Today, our ambition remains the same as we grow alongside our clients.

Employee benefits and wellbeing don’t have to be your burden alone. A legal requirement, an ethical responsibility, a way to attract, motivate, and retain staff – whatever you want from your benefits provision, we’re here to deliver a solution that’s right for your business.


Meet Your Consultants.

Say hello to a passionate team of employee benefits consultants with over 50 years of industry experience, always ready to go the extra mile to support you and your workforce.

William Annison

Managing Director.


Clear advice for your business.

Please tell us about your business. We are experts at what we do and hope to become experts about what’s important to you and your employees. Today’s workforce has an array of different priorities, but one thing rings true across the board: wages on their own aren’t enough anymore. As independent advisers, we can help you select the benefits that can deliver a positive impact across every facet of your workforce’s wellbeing.


Lee Coles

Benefits and Wellbeing Director.


Building Knowledge and value.

Employee wellbeing has become increasingly important in the fast-paced environment we all now live in. HWWA Consulting believes that workforce education is a key enabler for wellbeing, both as a benefit in its’ own right but also to ensure the benefits you offer are understood and appreciated. In the highly regulated benefit environment, it’s difficult for employers to know what they can and can’t say. HWWA Consulting can help you overcome those communication challenges and help your people learn how to improve their financial and broader wellbeing.


Laura Best

Head of Client Support.

Ongoing Support

Always there to help.

Once you’ve chosen your benefits, it’s important for you to know you have help at hand. This is true when it comes to not only the implementation, but also the ongoing maintenance, governance and oversight of those benefits. At HWWA Consulting, we pride ourselves on being available for our clients and their employees whenever we’re needed. Think of us as an extension of your business, your benefits management department.


The Good Work Starts Here.

We support businesses throughout every aspect of their employee benefits provision, with no benefit beyond our capabilities. Find out more about how we work, the most common services we offer, and the benefits we help our clients with.


Find Work You Believe In.

We’re always looking to grow our team with new talent. If you’re as passionate as we are about helping businesses look after their people, we want to hear from you. Discover the latest opportunities at HWWA Consulting today. 



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Employee benefits don’t have to be a headache. Get in touch for a free initial consultation with a member of our friendly team.

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Employee benefits don’t have to be a headache. Get in touch for a free initial consultation with a member of our friendly team.